Mont Royal de Chantilly welcomes your seminars

Prestigious setting for a successful seminar

A seminar castle in Ile de France brings together all the assets that a major company in search of the optimal setting may need. The choice of a hotel establishment within a castle ensures the availability and space necessary to accommodate dozens of your employees. The size of the premises, the various meeting rooms, technical equipment, internet access or video projection equipment, all these factors are very important. The location in Ile de France is also a matter of course. When a company has offices spread over several sites in the territory or in Europe, the seminar is the way to bring together all the teams. Being on the outskirts of Paris is therefore a central position for everyone, with all the major communication routes passing through the capital.

5-star castle for extraordinary seminars

Chateau Hotel Mont Royal de Chantilly is exactly the establishment that meets all the criteria for a top-of-the-range professional meeting. A seminar in a castle in Ile de France is first and foremost the luxury of space. Very large rooms, 108 in number and up to 115 sqm, a dozen meeting rooms of up to 350 sqm, two gourmet restaurants to accommodate up to 250 guests, the choice of a seminar castle in Ile de France meets your expectations in terms of space. The opportunities for activities dedicated to strengthening group spirit will also be essential to the success of your meeting. 5 stars, this establishment will exceed all your expectations in terms of comfort and elegance. Castle on the outside, it is also on the inside with a magnificent decoration giving pride of place to the classic French style, enhanced by very contemporary design touches. A magnificent style that will flatter all your guests. There is no need to dwell on the equipment in the room, 5 stars obligatory. Your guests will be more than happy to enjoy the common facilities such as the spa, Jacuzzi, hammam, tennis court, fitness room or hotel park. It is all these moments of this kind that will eventually seduce you in the choice of this castle for seminar in IDF.