Prestigious welcome at Mont Royal de Chantilly

Successfully organize a seminar near Paris

You know how important your professional seminar is. Each year, it is the ideal time to strengthen the links between a management team and field staff. Announcing results, giving oneself perspectives, collaborating to chart new paths: these are the main lines of your program. But this requires a hotel qualified in the organization of seminars in Ile de France that will meet your expectations in terms of accessibility for all your teams. The choice of a specialised establishment makes it possible to resolve all logistical issues. Meeting rooms, broadcasting equipment and internet access are essential prerequisites. You must also be able to offer exemplary comfort to your guests, a sign of the attention you pay to them. A specialized hotel is therefore the essential foundation for your success.

Mont Royal for a grandiose reception

The organization of seminars in IDF is the niche of the Chateau Hotel Mont Royal in Chantilly. This 5-star establishment is a magnificent castle that has been converted to accommodate companies looking for an exceptional space for their receptions. The hotel provides them with all the necessities that can be expected from a seminar venue. High speed Internet, top-of-the-range presentation equipment, twelve rooms of various sizes for all types of meetings, numerous team building activities, the list is long of the assets of this hotel in the organization of seminars in Ile de France. Beyond the professional aspect, your employees and partners will find in this 5-star Chateau a setting that enhances French classicism in terms of decoration, offers a gourmet cuisine and offers the view of a magnificent wooded park in the middle of the Chantilly forest. The many entertainment activities will allow your guests to end the day in style, whether in the spa, Jacuzzi, hammam or even in the fitness room. It is the whole of this setting, from the luxury of the décor to the professional assets and the entertainment possibilities, that will confirm that organizing a seminar in Ile de France is done at Mont Royal de Chantilly.