Mont Royal de Chantilly, 5 stars at the service of your company

A seminar hotel near Paris

The seminar is a special moment in the life of a company. We come to work there, share our experience with others, prepare the way for the months and years to come and do training or prevention. The seminar is all this, but it is also a time for gathering and sharing between people who do not necessarily see each other much the rest of the year. Choosing a seminar hotel near Paris should therefore be an opportunity to make the most of all the company's strengths. It is also a time to thank its teams for the work they have accomplished by offering them accommodation commensurate with their commitment and to put them in the best possible conditions for the work.

Luxury and work at Mont Royal

Mont Royal de Chantilly is the seminar hotel near Paris that is suitable for all those who want to organise a top-of-the-range stay. The luxury of this 5-star hotel is first and foremost highlighted by its location, in the prestigious whipped cream forest and less than 30 minutes from the capital. In the forest and close to the main national roads, you are located in an ideal crossroads. The standing of this establishment is also that of being able to host seminars and other business meetings in a unique setting. The castle, a magnificent and perfectly restored building, is a prestigious setting to invite colleagues and professional partners. The size of the premises puts at your service more than a hundred rooms accommodating more than 250 people. A dozen meeting rooms, from 26 to 350 m², allow seminars, brainstorming, presentation sessions and various exhibitions in a setting worthy of the most beautiful public castles in France. The know-how of the team at this seminar hotel near Paris is also demonstrated through the many activities offered in addition to accommodation in order to work on team cohesion. Team building and incentive are worked on through a wide range of activities that are as varied as they are surprising or prestigious. Your seminar is the time to show your appreciation for your employees. A stay in the luxurious setting of this 5-star hotel is therefore perfectly suited. And your teams will not fail to fall under the spell of the spa, the gourmet restaurants, the sports hall or simply the magnificent castle park.